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MUSE Eyeshadow Brush Set

MUSE Eyeshadow Brush Set

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Our MUSE Eyeshadow Brush Set contains a wide range of luxury cruelty-free handmade brushes. Each one has been specially designed so that you can achieve the most seamless eyeshadow looks! Please see our FAQs in our Help Centre for a guide on how to care for your brushes.

Brushes Included (L-R):

M1 - Synthetic Vegan Bullet-Shaped Smudging Brush

M2 - Goat Hair Bullet Shaped Blending Brush

M3 - Goat Hair Fluffy Blending Brush

M4 - Synthetic Vegan Smudging Brush

M5 - Synthetic Vegan Concealer Buffing Brush

M6 - Synthetic Vegan Blending Brush

M7 - Goat Hair Fluffy Blending Brush

M8 - Flat Synthetic Vegan Packer Brush

M9 - Large Synthetic Vegan Rounded Brush

M10 - Large Synthetic Vegan Angled Liner Brush

M11 - Synthetic Vegan Liner Brush

M12 - Synthetic Vegan Eyebrow Grooming Brush

M13 - Small Synthetic Liner Brush

M14 - Pony Hair Rounded Blending Brush

M15 - Synthetic Vegan Cut Crease Brush

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